Welcome To The Solar Check About For Suppliers

This segment is for solar suppliers that still need to be listed on Solar Check.

How Does This System Work?

Your Supply Chain will Receive a Solar Check Rating based on a manual scoring system.

This System is comprised of the following:

- Hello Peter Analysis

- Trust Pilot Analysis.

- Social Media Analysis

- Installation Profile Analysis

- Google Maps Check

- Google Search Indexing

- Website Analysis

-On Site Analysis

Solar Check doesnt only focus on the negatives of each Supply Chain but we also outline the positives as to ensure a better scope of each firm. Accumulating accurate and secure information is what we do and our main goal is to connect Solar Companies with reputable suppliers and eliminate the stress of buying products from a Supplier that might be of low quality. We also ensure that each supplier listed have an acceptable turnaround time for after sale service and supplying products at a reasonable rate. By Sourcing information from multiple sources we allow each Listed Supplier the Chance at a fair and accurate rating. We use manual verification and ranking as to ensure that the data is not limited to one source that might be Skewed or Miss Interpreted.

How To Navigate The Solar Check System.

Upon Opening the Suppliers page 3 Main Segments will be listed:

1. Information

When You click this This Segment, you will go to the main information portal where you will have access to Multiple Sources of information on Products and other useful information.

 This information is Provided by Suppliers that are listed on Solar Check as well as External sources. Suppliers That Provide the information are allowed to add their personal branding to the documents they provide. All documents are monitored by Solar Check to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in these files. 

You will also Be able to Provide information to Companies and Suppliers. In this segment you can add your personal branding to the documents that you upload on the Portal. Duly note that All documents are monitored by Solar Check to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in these files. 

2. Verification and Rankings

When You click this Segment, you will go to the Ranking and verification portal.

In this segment you will be guided Through the supplier verification and ranking process to be listed as a supplier on Solar Check.

3. Social

When You Click this segment, a subpage will open up with a few different options. They are as follow:

- Profile -

When clicking on this Segment, you will be redirected to your profile where you will be able to see your posts, comments, inbox, followers and Following and many other Features.

- Community -

When Clicking on this segment you will be redirected to The Solar Check Community, where you are able to access different forums and connect with other suppliers and solar companies. You can Post, Comment or like in the forums. 

- Advertisements -

When Clicking on This Segment you will be Redirected to the Supplier advertisement portal. here you can apply to be featured in marketing campaigns to solar companies on The Solar Check system.